Shri Parameshwari Durga Devi Ashram Inc.

The Shri Parameshwari Durga Devi Ashram Inc. was founded in February of 2002 and its international headquarters is located at Heliconia Drive, Savannah Heights, Charlieville, Chaguanas, in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. Our official contact number is 1-868-378-0382. We are managed by a board of Directors headed by our founder and Acharya Sri Pundit Vishnu Maharaj. Our motto is “forward ever, backward never”. Our vision is to develop Hindu literate, performance oriented Hindu community, with positive attitudes towards self-development and social interaction in the home, in the communities, in our country and internationally. Our mission is to equipped the Hindu community with knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and best practice in accordance to the traditions of Sanatanist Hinduism which will help them to achieve the highest levels of their spiritual, mental, emotional, physical growth and development as outline in the Vedas and Upanishads, thus promoting the holistic growth and development of the total Hindu human being and their communities in a collaborative and congenial atmosphere that strives for excellence. Read More...

General Pooja Vidhi

General Pooja Vidhi, for use on all occasions. Researched & Compiled by:-Pundit Vishnu Maharaj. Founder & Acharya of Shri Parameshwri Durga Devi Ashram Inc.

About the Ashram

The Ashram is a very dynamic institution as it caters for the overall growth and development of the total individual. We are an international non-profit, faith based organization.

Pitra Paksh

The Hindu sages have classified the various duties into five groups called “ THE PANCHA MAHA YAJNA”. . The Vedas states that all human beings are born with five types of debts.

Nava Ratri Pooja Vidhi

This pooja vidhi can be used as a guide for worship during the Nava Raatri festival Friday worship of the divine mother or the Devi Yatra Festival. Source: Saptashti & Katyayani Tantra

About the Pundit

The head of the Ashram is our Founder and Acharya Guruji Sri Pundit Vishnu Maharaj. Punditji serves as Chairman of the board of Directors, Spiritual Advisor, Theologian, Philosopher, Vedic Astrologer, etc

The Holy Peepal Tree

Of all the trees the Peepal holds special significance amongst Hindus. In the Taittriya Samhita of the Vedas it is included as the first amongst the seven most holy trees in the world.



    Pundit Vishnu Maharaj

    Nava Ratri Discourse / Offerings


    Pundit Vishnu Maharaj

    Maha Lakshmi Puja - Step by step explained


    Jai Mata Di

    Shri Nav Durga Raksha Mantra Shree Navdurga Raksho Karo -
    Ma Durga Mantra in Sanskrit - sung by Anuradha Paudwal